Lamdor is known for its in-depth understanding of geological structures, materials and their behaviour, thus ground behaviour both in soil and rock, and the influence of groundwater on the design and construction, as well as construction techniques employed.

We understand the importance of geotechnical and foundation engineering in the design and construction of earthwork projects and earth-supported structures, and we are dedicated to providing the best possible experience from start to finish. Using systematic application of analytical, technical, scientific, engineering and acceptable local practices and risk management techniques, we deliver expert analyses, designs, and recommendations for infrastructure and building projects of different complexities. These structures include but not limited to pavement studies, conventional and long span bridges, transit and rail facilities, airports, terminals, buildings, landslides, retaining walls, seismic hazard studies, water and wastewater systems, power and energy facilities.

Our core services in geotechnical & foundation engineering comprise of:

Site Investigation – the following site investigation methods are used:

  • A Walkover Survey
  • Percussion & Rotary Drilling, undisturbed & disturbed sampling of test borings, standard penetration tests
  • Dilatometer (DMT), Plate load testing, In situ Cone Penetrometer (CPT), and Pressuremeter testing, dynamic cone penetration test (DCPT)
  • Test pits
  • Borrow pits
  • Geophysical methods

Analysis & interpretation of results

Laboratory testing

Foundation design

Testing of Construction material

Pavement design

Slope stability & retaining structures

Construction material testing

Lamdor has equipped itself with modern equipment and facilities that enhance the productivity of its professional personnel. Lamdor possesses the following field equipment.

  1. Percussion drilling rig with all relevant accessories
  2. Rotary drilling rig with all relevant accessories
  3. Dynamic Cone Penetration Equipment (DCP DIN4049)
  4. Dynamic Cone Penetration Equipment (TRL)
  5. Megger Auto Earth DET 2/2 tester for soil resistivity test
  6. Water browser
  7. In situ Cone Penetrometer
  8. Dilatometer (DMT)
  9. Pressuremeter